Seminar Århus (Denmark)

Test data management Seminar (exclusive) Solving the test data bottleneck in continuous testing SEPTEMBER 27, 2019Comwell hotel | Århus » Only 20 spots available! 3 key takeaways: The impact of being in control of your test data is crucial for faster software...

Data masking for Oracle

Data masking tool for Oracle Want to see the fastest and easiest to use data masking tool for Oracle? Anonymized test data Modern software development requires realistic and representative test data. DATPROF Privacy masks production data so all of your customer data...

The 5 biggest disadvantages of data virtualization

The 5 biggest disadvantages of data virtualization April 29, 2019 | Maarten Urbach Nowadays, data virtualization is portrayed as THE new development in DevOps world. Established names such as Delphix offer this “solution”. It promises developers and QA...

Whitepaper – How to explore data sources

How to explore data sources Inspect data privacy, size & quality Download whitepaper What’s the challenge regarding to the privacy sensitiveness of data sources in your landscape? How are you able to inspect a source? Is it a black box to you or is there a way to...

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