DATPROF Experience 2019

DATPROF Experience day 2019 Continuous testing – solving the test data bottleneck October 8, 2019 InnStyle | Maarssen » Only 40 spots available! Save the date! Theme of this day is “Continuous testing – solving the test data bottleneck”. The...

GDPR one year later

GDPR one year later Is the importance of data masking overrated?  June 20, 2019 | Maarten Urbach It has been a year since the full implementation of the GDPR. In the meantime we’ve seen a lot of effects of the GDPR that are doubtful. From photos that may no longer be...

The test data bottleneck

The test data bottleneck Flexible and fast software development is a competitive advantage. If your organization or the organization your work for is able to release software faster than another organization in the same market you’re king! Right? All these efforts in...

Seminar Copenhagen (Denmark)

Test data management Seminar (exclusive) Solving the test data bottleneck in continuous testing September 26, 2019Tivoli hotel | Copenhagen » Only 20 spots available! 3 key takeaways The impact of being in control of your test data is crucial for faster software...

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