DATPROF and Parasoft unite software test automation, service virtualization, and test data management

Agile teams can now leverage service virtualization and test data synthesis to gain full control of their test ecosystem

August 14, 2018 | Maarten Urbach

Monrovia, CA and Groningen, The Netherlands – Parasoft, the leader in automated software testing, announced today a new partnership with DATPROF, who specialize in test data subsetting and masking. Today’s agile organizations face challenges with access to their complex environments and management of meaningful test data. Combining Parasoft and DATPROF gives users full control of their test environments, test data, and test automation strategy, for ultimate flexibility.

Specifically, combining the Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform and Parasoft Virtualize with DATPROF Subset and DATPROF Privacy, users can free themselves from test constraints associated with centralized databases. Leveraging DATPROF’s powerful algorithms, users can pull and mask realistic test data from production systems, then hand the baton to Parasoft, to simulate a test environment for on-demand testing, without ever having to connect to an actual database, ensuring data privacy and security. This frees users from common agile testing bottlenecks and creates a seamless test data and test automation workflow.

“Test data is the next big challenge the industry must overcome to take full advantage of the benefits of agile“, shared Chris ColosimoParasoft Product Manager“By combining DATPROF’s powerful data subsetting technologies with Parasoft’s service virtualization technologies, we can leverage the intersection between test data and simulation to enable easy and continuous access to realistic test data.”

DATPROF and Parasoft will be showcasing its technology and discuss How To Achieve Real-Time Anonymized Data in a webinar, on September 4th 2018.

Realizing highly flexible sets of test data is key to becoming more agile and delivering software faster, and DATPROF is focused on creating innovative technology to make this a reality,” said Maarten Urbach of DATPROF tools for test data simplified. “Partnering with Parasoft will allow test data to become a seamless component of software test automation.

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