Experiences of DSTB Conference 2016 in Copenhagen

DATPROF Test Data Management in Copenhagen at the DSTB Conference 2016

June 20, 2016 | Maarten Urbach

At the 8th of June we made a next step in our international ambitions. We travelled towards Copenhagen for our first international conference for Software Testing. We showed Denmark the opportunities of Test Data Management with DATPROF. And of course we introduced some ‘knol’s’ koek, a real dutch and Groninger-cake.

First of all we really enjoyed our stay in Denmark. All of the days we spent in Denmark were all worth it and we felt very welcome as the DATPROF team at the DTSB Conference.

During the conference we made some wonderful new connections and we had an opportunity to discover the challenges concerning Test Data Management in Denmark. Not totally surprisingly the challenges are almost similar as the Dutch.

Our international journey!

Five years ago we started a journey with DATPROF Subet and DATPROF Privacy in the Netherlands. Today we settled ourselves in the market for test data management and more customers are enjoying the use of DATPROF. As of last year we decided that we should take a look at opportunities outside the Netherlands. And Denmark was the first country we wanted to try.

So just before christmas 2015 we made our first trip to Copenhagen. We wanted to do some market research, we were pleased with the results. So we planned our next move, namely be present at a Software Testing Conference in Denmark. As of the 9th of June we made this step.

Looking back at these efforts and the conference we are very pleased. We discovered that the market for test data management is pretty similar compared to the Netherlands.

How do we continue?

Well first of all we enjoyed Denmark in such a way that next year we want to be present at the DSTB 2017. We also want to demonstrate DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Subset or execute a Proof of Concept.

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