New test data converter connects DATPROF to Tosca

August 24, 2017 | Maarten Urbach

Linking correct test data with various scenarios is no longer a challenge for Tosca TDM. Valori automated this ‘chain’ at the hackathon using the standard datprof2tosca converter. The result: fast and secure production-like anonymised subsets. This new service is now available through Valori.

“One of Valori’s specialities is Tosca, a powerful product with which to implement the processing side of test automation,” says Valori’s Mark Schut. “However, unfortunately up to now creating your own test data was complex and time-consuming. At a recent hackathon at Valori in Nieuwegein, a team of four testing experts and DATPROF thus tackled a particular challenge together: thinking up a way to greatly simplify the generation of test data with DATPROF for Tricentis, using existing (anonymised) production data.”

Synergy Between Two Tools

“Earlier this year Valori entered into a unique collaboration with DATPROF, leader in specialised and user-friendly TDM solutions,” adds Bert Nienhuis of DATPROF. “Using DATPROF Subset enables the generation of consistent subsets, which gave us an idea. Shouldn’t it be possible to realise a synergy between the existing tools DATPROF and Tosca? We started brainstorming and soon found a remarkable solution.”

Completely Functional During Hackathon

During the course of the hackathon organised in late May at the Valori offices in Nieuwegein, Mark and Bert – together with Valorians Joost Jongman and Steven Dijkman – implemented an entire chain, first subsetting and anonymising data from a (fictional) production system and then loading it into Tosca using the converter. “This converter allows DATPROF to fill Tosca’s TDM with anonymised subsets in a fully automated fashion, while ensuring the data security as well,” Joost states. “Test data is easy to manage and production-like test data is used, recognised by the chain.”

New Proposition Great Addition

“The hackathon was a great opportunity to try out our concept in practice. It’s fantastic that we managed to get this done together as well. This new proposition is a great addition to our current services,” concludes Steven Dijkman.

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