Sogeti en DATPROF launch service for anonymizing data

Fast and safe anonymized data available at a fixed price

March 23, 2018 | Maarten Urbach

Sogeti and DATPROF launch a new service that allows organizations to anonymize a database quickly and securely within their own environment. By demonstrably discarding data from privacy-sensitive data, a company can easily test new applications with anonymous test data in a responsible manner.

This simultaneously complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws and regulations that will come into effect from May 2018. With the new service, organizations can quickly and securely access anonymous test data at a fixed price, without having to purchase expensive software that does this or build such software themselves.

The DATPROF tools provide a subset from a production database that has been stripped of data regarding personal data, email addresses, disease profiles or other privacy-sensitive data. To this day, organizations are forced to develop scripts themselves or to purchase expensive software. That takes a lot of time and money. Moreover, Sogeti provides proof that the data is anonymous. From May 2018, organizations need this type of evidence in the context of the European GDPR laws and regulations for the protection of privacy-sensitive information. The data is anonymized on location at the customer. Depending on the complexity and amount of data, the customer can start testing new software with relevant anonymised data within ten days.

Demonstrably GDPR compliant with anonymized data

“Every organization that develops new applications and wants to test them with its own data must do so with anonymized data in accordance with the new rules of the GDPR legislation. Not every company is able to purchase expensive software for this or develop it itself. We are the first IT service provider to offer such a data anonymization service on a large-scale, fixed-price location to the customer, “said Sheila Werbata, Head of Automation at Sogeti.

“With the development of our joint new service, the customer benefits from Sogeti’s extensive experience in the field of test data management and our safe and effective tooling,” says Harald Kikkers, Managing Director of DATPROF.

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