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June 6, 2019 | Michael de Boer

DATPROF is the Dutch market leader in test data management solutions and has been solving two issue’s for their clients. Firstly under privacy regulations in Europe it is no longer allowed to copy production databases for test purposes. Another challenge is the size (often terabytes) and duration of a copy: the test and acceptance environment are often too large and outdated.

Our TDM solution has 3 mayor components with DATPROF Runtime being the heart of this solution. The central dashboard controls all the test data sources and integrations. This environment is filled with anonymizing, subsetting and integration templates. Below you see a typical example of how these components work together: the production refresh is masked in a secure environment and then (subsetted) distributed to the non-production environments.

DATPROF Runtime Runtime is where scrum team members access the test data set self-service and where the privacy officers have access to the GDPR proof audit reports. If you are a test automation experts you have access to the integration apps and can realize your own automation with the DATPROF API. In short: administrators have all the tools for easy maintenance available and management has full control over the entire landscape.

The template-based solution DATPROF Privacy helps you to be compliant by anonymizing and sanitizing copies of production databases making them compliant to the European privacy law (GDPR) as well as US Healthcare rules (HIPAA). You have access to a variety of masking options such as shuffling, scrambling and value lookups. With the custom expression library, you can apply just about any masking technique thinkable.

White paper

The utility and necessity of data masking

The template solution DATPROF Subset not only brings speed to the distribution and refresh rate but is also a privacy measure: leaking less personal data is a smaller risk. With just a few percent of the data you can cover all of the test cases while realizing mayor savings on storage costs.

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