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To be truly good at something takes skill, but skill alone will only take you so far

January 23, 2016 | Marco den Haan

To be truly good at something takes skill, but skill alone will only take you so far. Just about any sports metaphor will do to show and learn you that there are more variables to the package that makes a great sportsman. But also that there are multiple ways to win. Some are focused on the physical aspect, the next on technique and another has a strategic edge. And usually there is no way of telling which of these aspects are the deciding factor. What we do know is that the athlete with the most complete package, on the day of the contest, will win.

The same can be applied to tool implementations. A tool in itself cannot be seen as a big green button. Installing a tool will not make it work as needed. Let’s say a tool is focused on having a specific skillset. Then, to make it a winning contestant, you still need to feed it with knowledge to be able to act within the landscape, muscles to act with the appropriate speed and it will need to work towards a common purpose. Putting all knowledge holders and stakeholders in place to achieve this, is a task as in any other project.

The same goes for test data management tooling from DATPROF. DATPROF Subset needs metadata in order to make a proper subset. Where relations are secured in software rather than the database used, you will need to manually feed these relations. Missing out on one of these relations and you might get a different kind of subset altogether. Another big influence is choosing the start table as well as the filter used on this table to define the data associated and therewith the subset. DATPROF Privacy needs a different kind of input. The input of which table column holds which data and what is the best function to anonymize the data to meet the required level of anonymization. Probably there will also be redundant data for which anonymization needs to keep the data in sync.

A tool alone is just a tool. There is a reason why professional athletes gather a whole team around them. All with one common purpose, to get the athlete in the best possible shape in all aspects to give this person the best chance of winning the next contest. Let’s give the tool that same chance.

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