The old trusted, with a new look

March 26, 2019 | Nynke Hogeveen

It has been almost a decade since DATPROF stood up as a leading vendor in test data solutions. In the past years our developers put their heart and soul into building the best solutions for your test data. What started with individual solutions for solving test data issues, developed into a full test data automation system. From analyzing and subsetting to masking, all functionalities can now be controlled and maintained from one platform.

Times change and so do our looks

With all the progressive developments in our software, our looks couldn’t stay behind. The appearance of 10 years ago no longer fits our personality of today. We became more professional, more colorful and even more dynamic. Although our corporate identity has been upgraded, we have not changed. We’re still the same old trusted, but with a new look. And a new website!


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