Why poor test data management costs you a lot – not only money

But you can lose something even more valuable

September 9, 2019 | Nynke Hogeveen

In the perfect world, you come up with this great idea for a new application and your developers build the best version of it. You bring it to the market as fast as you can, way ahead of possible competitors, making you the market leader. The money flows in, everyone wants to buy your application. After all, it is the best (and so far the only one) on the market. But we’re not living in a perfect world…

It’s the part of ‘bring it to the market as fast as you can’ where things are not going so smoothly in real life. We often hear people say it: time is money. And it’s true, also (or especially) in software development. If you are ahead of your competitors, you can make significantly more money. The same applies to the reverse: if your competitors are ahead of you, you definitely miss out on money – or you get nothing at all.

Test Data Management Cost you money and more

Test Data (without) Management

If you want your application to be of the highest quality possible, you need to test until you are sure it’s user friendly and bug free. In order to test the application, you need test data. Customer data for example. Names, phone numbers, email addresses, bank account numbers, or whatever data your application needs. This data has to be equivalent to your production data – otherwise how can you be sure that the application works well with real life data? Beside, with the GDPR in place, you also need your test data to be anonymized or masked, because personal data like debts or salary may not be traceable to a person.

We see lots of bad test data: unrealistic data, data controlled outside the team, too much data, data that is not up-to-date. With badly (or un-) managed test data, you waste time and money. It takes a lot of time to test a large amount of data (like a copy of production). If you use unrealistic data or data that is not up-to-date, it can affect the quality of your application. Data controlled outside the team causes long waiting times for every team.

Poor test data management costs you time and money. But you can lose something even more valuable: the happiness, innovation and mental capacity of your employees.

Developers, testers, business analysts waste a lot of energy discussing and running around trying to get the right test data at the right time. Many of these employees spend more time on finding and preparing test data than on their actual jobs. Totally inefficient and frustrating, causing a reduction in motivation and satisfaction. We assume we don’t have to emphasize how disastrous this can be for your organization and for your product.

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Save money, buy time

Do you want to turn things around? Do you want motivated and innovative employees? Do you want to be ahead of your competitors? Then you’d better invest in a proper TDM solution. Make sure every team gets the test data they need, the moment they need it. Make sure they get masked test data to comply with privacy legislation. Make the test work much faster; buy time. A good Test Data Management tool like DATPROF provides you with subsets of on demand (refreshed) test data that is realistic, masked and easy to use. The investment in a TDM solution pays for itself by saving time, and by saving time you’ll automatically save money.

Do you want to know how DATPROF can turn things around at your organization? Contact us without obligation. We’re happy to help!

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