DATPROF is always looking for ways to solve complex data integration problems with simple to use software. We recognize the numerous challenges handling large sets of data within many organisations. Our dedicated team works endlessly to build easy to use, affordable and fast to implement software solutions.

    We are driven by the great potential of the enormous amount of data that is stored on a daily basis. We want to team up with our customers to ensure they benefit from their data.

  • Vision

    More and more data is stored today. The challenge for many organizations is the translation of data into information, which can be used to take the important decisions.

    Whether it's a CEO who has to make decisions based on a financial report or a test consultant that validates the quality of a new system, both are critical to the operation of the organisation. We want to provide specialized and user-friendly data integration solutions to help organisations to achieve their goals.

  • Career

    DATPROF is always searching for new potential. We love a versatile and flexible work environment where you are the director of your own career. We would like to challenge your ambition and work together on the future of data integration.

    C#/JAVA Developer - Groningen, The Netherlands

    Or send an open application to career@datprof.com

  • Responsibility

    Supporter of the Dutch Cancer Society. DATPROF is socially commited and supports the academic research in the fight against cancer.

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