Expensive Test data

What to do when your test data is too expensive?

Many organizations use full size copies of production for development, testing and training environments. When the production environments grow, your development and testing environments grow exponentially. This causes high storage and license costs.

For software development you often don’t need a 100% copy. With the use of test data subsets you can easily save terabytes of storage.

When test data requests are done manually this takes up too much time. Not only because of the technical time it takes, but also due to organizational procedures.

On average 3.5 people are involved in getting test data into your lower environments. By automating these process you can reduce the number of people involved.

Test Data Management Resources


Test Data Automation

One of the most important reasons why test data automation should be on your backlog is that once you’ve implemented it you will optimise your release delivery cycles tremendously. Why does it take so long to get a test data set?


Save on storage with subsets

The easiest way to save the most money is to store less data in your non-production environments. That may sound impossible. You need all this data in your development, testing and acceptance databases, right? Wrong!

Test Data Architecture

Test Data Architecture

In this whitepaper you’ll find a set of questions you’ll need answers to as you get started. They will inform the decision-making process which you’ll need to take when designing and provisioning your test data in the lower environments.

Test Data Management tools

logo datprof subset

Extract small reusable subsets from large complex databases, speed up your testing and save a lot on storage.

datprof runtime full

Auditability and control center. Monitor, automate and execute your test data from one central test data portal.

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