01 July, 2015 by Maarten Urbach

Testdata Management: what does it cost?

What does a data subsetting or masking cost and save?

If clients ask about the costs of our DATPROF Licenses, we normally share our License Model with these clients. Until now, we never shared our license information online. The answer looks simple, but to answer it correctly it needs a bit of explanation.


Before we dive into costs, it is important to know what you’ll need. Therefore, we will look at factors that will influences the eventual costs.

First off, what is test data management and how will it work for you? Test data management consists out of a data subsetting and data masking or scrambling. So if you only have a small databases and enough storage, subsetting isn’t an issue, scrambling could be enough. If you have no privacy sensitive data, but storage is a problem, you need subsetting, but no scrambling. If both storage and privacy are an issue, then both scrambling and subsetting might be for you.

When you know what test data management is to your organization (subsetting and / or scrambling); there are some more choices:

  • Do you want to schedule scrambling and / or subsetting?
  • Do you want to scramble files (XML, CSV, etc.)

There are many more things you can think of that will impact this, but for now this will suffice.


We offer two distinct solutions for two distinct problems: DATPROF Subset for data subsetting and DATPROF Privacy for scrambling data. Both DATPROF Subset and DATPROF Privacy are available in an User Version and a Server Version.

User version license Server version license
Developing template(s) O
Execute template(s)
Schedule template(s) O
File support* O
*only needed for masking files with DATPROF Privacy


With our named user licenses clients are able to create and execute as many templates as needed. So with one user license many stakeholders can be helped with useful testdata. Our named user licenses are developer licenses and more users equals more licenses needed. How you organize test data management within your organization impacts this. Most organizations appoint template administrators to perform maintenance on the templates.

And now it is up to you! How do you want to organize Testdata Management within your organization? Do you need multiple users or is one user enough? Eventually this depends on organizations and how you want to organize testdata? Just to make things clear, with an user version:

  1. you are able to create as many templates as wanted or needed;
  2. You are able to execute as many templates as wanted.


Whatever happens, if you want to use DATPROF test data management software you’ll always need at least a User License. Optional is a license for a Server Version.

For example, your organization needs a data subsetting and a data masking solution:

  • The first component are the user licenses of DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Subset,
  • Next,  you’ll need to know if you must anonymize files? Or if you want to schedule the template deployment?  If so, a server version of DATPROF  is the next components of your calculation!

The costs per year for Test Data Management with one user version for DATPROF Subset and for DATPROF Privacy are:

  • DATPROF Privacy User: € 8.640, – excl. VAT
  • DATPROF Subset User: € 19.200, – excl. VAT

Discounts are open for discussion when a license is bought for longer period of time.

In the end

Even though we are transparent about our license model, I rather talk about the savings with the use of our software. The savings for using DATPROF software can be huge, some examples of our clients savings are:

  • Less data storage needed (pay per Byte);
  • Savings on license costs (less cores needed);
  • Less idle time;
  • Batches are quickly executed instead of days.

I’ll hope this blog helps you! If you’ll want some more information, for example our full license model, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Written by Maarten Urbach

Introduces the possibilities of our subsetting and masking technologies to our clients as Sales and Marketing Manager of DATPROF! Loves disruptive technologies, companies and windsurfing.


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