21 June, 2018 by Maarten Urbach

Breakfest Session at Sogeti: Testdata in 2015

The pressure of testing increases. More and more releases and projects are needed. The increase of projects and releases are further increased by the introduction of methods like Agile, Continous Delivery and DevOps. A thoughtful defined automated testproces will improve testing and will lead to efficiency benefits, improvemts in idle time and the quality of a test object. That's why Sogeti focusses on "automating the tesproces". And now Sogeti introduces Testdata Management with DATPROF.

In most cases testdata is manual created or a copy of production is made. In the first case representative and useful test data is probably missing. The result is that testing will cost a lot of time and won’t provide enough garantees. When you make a copy of production you will encouter a lot of privacy sensitive data that will cost time and mony the service. And you’ll won’t comply to rules and regulations concerning the protection of data and can get a fine of € 810.00 and it can eventually lead to a 5% of the revenue per year. With Test Data Management Sogeti is able to help you to create the right test data set. you will get a representative testenvironment with anonymised test data with the right scope and scale. So in the end: you’ll have the quality that you’ll need and your cost will reduce!

The right decision for a testtool is a important for the succes of a implementation and the right usage. One of the tools Sogeti is experienced in is the testtool DATPROF of DATPROF. Sogeti and DATPROF want to share their knowlegde and experiences so you are also able to experience the benefits of Test data management.


Breakfest session: 5 march

Test Data Mangement

The 5 of March Sogeti organizes a breakfestsession about Test Data Management with DATPROF at our office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.


08.30  welcome and Breakfest
09.00  Introduction by John Bloedjes, Sogeti
09.10  Test Data Management by Dirk-Jan Kaper, Sogeti
09.40  Case Rabobank International, Co Meerveld, Rabobank International
10.10  Coffee
10.20  The Data Protection Rules and Regulations by Hendrik Jan Bolte, ABN AMRO
10.50  Demonstration DATPROF Privacy, DATPROF
11.10  Closure

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