13 September, 2018 by Maarten Urbach

Webinar: Real time anonymized test data

With GDPR now in full effect, many teams are struggling to implement Test Data Management (TDM) in a way that it supports the team in their processes. We all want real time test data. But test automation often depends on TDM, and effective test automation is key to delivering high-quality software at speed.

During this webinar, you learn how to combine DATPROF and Parasoft to help you get real time anonymized test data.

Go to the following link for the recordings of the webinar: https://alm.parasoft.com/how-to-achieve-real-time-anonymized-data

There’s also an interesting report written about the usability of the DATPROF Software by Bloor Research.
Bloor indetail report on DATPROF

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