• Data Migration - DATPROF
  • Enterprise data integration solution

    Finally! A rapidly deployable ETL framework

    • Data Lineage & Tracing
    • Data & Process model visualizer
    • Macro engine to automate development
    • Build your own ETL actions
    • Integrated data history component

  • Reduce time-to-market

    Don't waste time setting up expensive servers. With the easy to use installer you are up and running in a couple of minutes.

  • Easy to build & easy to maintain

    Data integration solutions become more complex over time. Integrate offers you quick insight in dependencies and impact of changes.

  • High performance

    Integrate Developer & Runtime are optimized for the best performance and optimal throughput times.

  • Get in control

    Improve your data governance by defining data definitions, improve data quality and control your data lineage.

  • Automate development

    Speed up development using the macro language

    The macro language enables you to automate different parts of your development. Your data integration solution can easily be generated by adding, modifying or removing large numbers of objects at once using the macro language.

    Every object within the repository can be added and changed with the easy to learn macro language.

  • High performance Runtime

    DATPROF Integrate comes with a powerful and lightweight Runtime scheduler to execute complex data integration processes.

    • Monitoring & scheduling
    • Email & sms notifications
    • Load balancing
    • Easy upgrading existing installations
  • Extensible framework

    Developers can build their own ETL actions and re-use them within their projects. These actions are small generic projects that can be integrated within other projects and parameterized by the input of the users.

    DATPROF Integrate comes with a build-in component manager that offers ready-to-use ETL actions that can be installed in the project.

What our customers say about us

  • After doing a thorough analysis of both a long and short list, we came to the conclusion that DATPROF Integrate is able to do exactly what we wanted to do with excellent performance
    Gert-Jan Mellema ICT Manager at TKP Pensoen
  • The use of DATPROF Integrate allows us to integrate the data from a complex landscape of source systems in a uniform manner and deliver it in the correct format to the target system.
    "Programma Nieuw EPD" UMCG

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