Control your storage and test data

The growth of data is a consistent factor and will grow exponentially the coming years. Many organisations still make a copy of production for testing, developing, marketing and training. If this growth will continue, we copy large databases multiple times! It is time to simplify your testdata.

If your production systems are 60 Tbyte and you make copies for testing and developing software, your total need for storage is at least: 240 Tbyte. The need for data is still growing, so the need for storage is also growing. Getting in control of this growth is essential especially as we can expect that complexity is also increasing. We need tot change the way we test and develop, these changes are already visible in methods like scrum and agile. But if we don’t control testdata, we don’t control turnaround. If we don’t control the turnaround and the idle times: the benefits of Agile and Scrum are lost.

With the use of subsets:

  • The need for data storage is decreased (sometimes by more than 90%)
  • Idle times are significantly reduced
  • High control in test and development turnarounds
  • Developers influence the data they need.


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