Data masking tool for Siebel

Want to see the fastest and easiest to use data masking tool for Siebel?

Anonymized test data

Modern software development requires realistic and representative test data. DATPROF Privacy masks production data so all of your customer data is protected, but software teams can still use representative test data.


– High performance on large data sets
– Automate Test Data Masking in CI/CD pipelines
– Fast to implement & easy to maintain

You can also read our tutorial about how to mask test data

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Masked terabytes with DATPROF

Masked tables with DATPROF

“DATPROF products are exemplars of user experience, ease of use and intuitive design: they are the easiest to use products we have seen in the Test Data Market”

Bloor Research, Test Data Management, 23rd January 2018

Try DATPROF Privacy yourself. Mask, scramble, blank your non production database and see how easy it can be to anonymize your test data.

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