Data Migration

Migrate your data to a new application

It takes a lot of effort to migrate data from an old application to a new enterprise application. Unfortunately if data isn't migrated in the right order, the new enterprise application doesn't perform as wanted. Succesfully migrating the data will significantly improve the success of a project.

Data migration should be essential in succesfully implementing and adapting the new enterpise application. Unfortunatly in many cases these projects exceed budget and time because of the complexity. This complexity exsits because data is stored in different order in applications, and the right documentation isn’t available.

More than 80% of the projects exceed projectbudget

Important questions that rise instantly are:

  • what kind of data is needed for the new enterprise application?
  • what is the current quality of our data?
  • how should we deliver the data to the new system?
  • how are we certain that we don’t lose any data?

This proces is critical for the success and adoption of your new application.

Test data Management - DATPROF

DATPROF simplified migration process with the help of a userfriendly interface. Drag and drop states on tables, column or make your own processes; it is easy done.  With DATPROF Integrate you are able:

  • improve data quality
  • analyse data
  • collect meta data
  • transform the data


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