Integrate 7 – Component libraries

This article will explain how to use the component libraries and add existing components to a project.

Required knowledge

  • Building a project

Before you can add a previously created project to another project as a component, it must be added to a component library first. A component library is a relative or absolute path to a directory where the components are stored. You can add libraries in the project overview. A local library is created by default; this is the components folder inside your project folder.

We’ve added a new component library LIBRARY_1 to the project.

The folder will automatically be scanned for valid components. To add a component from another directory use the rightmost button (the folder with the green arrow). This will copy the selected project to your library folder.

To add one of the indexed components;  right click on a table, choose Add action -> LIBRARY_1 and select the indexed component from the list.

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