Data Masking – End to end testing with Data Masking

Masking or anonymizing a single database for testing purposes is a relative simple issue. The complexity starts when testdata (or data) should consistently be masked over multiple systems. A customer in one system should stay the same person in another system.

Datamasking becomes challenging when multiple applications or sources should to be masked. For end-to-end testing it is vital that data is masked in the same order in the sources and applications.

Data Masking

DATPROF Privacy can solve these issues in two different ways:

  • by the use of translation tables or
  • with the support of XML messages.

The translation tables saves the original and the new values. This critical in translating other applications or sources in the same order. With our XML support we are able to communicate with systems who don’t use masked data or data what isn’t masked in a same order.

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