Subsetting – Deployment

What is subsetting? Where should you start? What things should you keep in mind?

When using DATPROF Subset you will notice that it is possible to start a run in different scenarios. This tutorial explains the difference between those scenarios and will help you decide when to use when which scenario.


The recreate scenario simply copies the source tables and foreign keys to the target environment. In case a source table already exists, Subset will recreate this table. But keep in mind, this scenario does not add the triggers, constraints and indexes! All existing data in the target will be lost. This scenario is especially interesting for simple ‘table only’ subsets which do not require application logic.


In case you have already created the DDL of the source environment in a target environment or you just have a clean target environment, the refill scenario enables you to empty (not delete!) the target environment and fill it with your subset. Using this scenario, DATPROF Subset expects the presence of the objects in the target database and in contradiction to the recreate scenario, leaves all the application logic such as triggers and constraints alone.


The append scenario is usable to append new data to a table. This scenario does not take care of unique data and therefore duplicate data can be created. This may cause problems with application constraints but can especially be useful to ‘blow up’ your database to facilitate performance tests. This scenario is mostly used in situations where you would like to test whether a database architecture still performs when your existing data doubles.

Unique Append

The unique append scenario basically does the same as the normal Append scenario with one major difference; it does take care of uniqueness of data! Using the unique append only unique data will be added and existing data within the target database will simply be skipped. This scenario is often used to create a subset from different perspectives, for example a customer based subset and a product based subset. This scenario may also be used to add a specific test case to an already existing subset.


DATPROF Subset offers a variety of different scenarios to create a proper subset, choose your scenario carefully as the recreate might destroy the data which should have been appended. Part of  the DATPROF Subset Training is an in-depth explanation of all the different scenarios with real world examples while also giving you the opportunity to experience the difference hands-on!

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