DATPROF present on Sogeti QX Day 2019

Continuous Testing – HEAT KILLS. Drink plenty of water.

On October 1st DATPROF is present on the Sogeti QX Day 2019 in Utrecht. This day is all about continuous testing. If you apply it properly, you will quickly produce products of high quality. But what if it fails? What if the transition to these new processes puts pressure on quality, speed and costs?


Imagine a 40 km long trail run, hot weather. Blazing sun, a cloudless sky. There are 40 participants. The trail management assumes that every runner needs 2 liters of water to not reach the finish completely dried out.

There are 2 scenarios for providing water on the way:

  1. The trail management fills a tank with 80 liter water from a pond near the starting line. They fix a supporting beam to it so the runners can carry it together.
  2. The trail management sets up 10 posts along the trail, equally spaced. 40 bottles of water, containing 0,2 liter, are placed on each post. They’ve filtered the water to reduce health risks.

Sit down at the test data panel, push the right buttons and earn water in this DATPROF-led workshop.

Workshop leader

The workshop is led by Michael de Boer, partner manager at DATPROF and specialized in test data management. His motto: if it can be done more efficiently, do it! In recent years he has dealt with many data integration issues. Nowadays he advises organizations on the use of smart software to mask complex data chains.

TDM Platform

The right test data in the right place at the right time. Masked, generated, subsetted, virtualized and automated at the push of a button.