• Easy to use data analysis software

    Analyzing your data has never been that simple!

    • Analyze your data in minutes
    • Profile your database and discover your data
    • Get insight in your data quality
    • Save and share your findings
    • Extend with your own data profiles

  • Improve your data quality

    Save cost and time in your development and test process by finding poor quality data!

  • Know your data

    Get a better insight in your database by knowing where and what data are stored!

  • Build better software

    Understanding your data and your database will enable you to build better software.

  • Profile your data

    Data profiling will help you find important data that are stored across your database.

  • profiling_screenshot
  • Powerful profiling engine

    Find your important data across your database

    Important data is often stored in several places in the database. Analyzing where email addresses, names, bank account numbers, are stored is a time consuming challenge.

    With DATPROF Analyze it has never been this easy! DATPROF Anlayze uses data statistics and profile rules to find your data throughout your database. You can even add your own profile rules to find exactly what you are looking for.

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