• Realize the perfect testdata

    DATPROF Subset generates your wanted testdata

    • Use the test cases you selected
    • Simply subset your selected test data
    • Technical & functional consistent
    • Able to function in complex environments
    • High performance by using the database for processing

  • Save 95 % on hardware costs

    By subsetting your selected test cases, you probably don't need more than 5% of production storage. You are able to save on hardware costs of non-production.

  • Frequently refreshing your test data

    With DATPROF Subset you are able to refresh test data frequently and give each (agile, scrum or DevOps) team the test data they need.

  • Shorter time-to-market

    Shorten your time-to-market by providing development teams with small amounts of the right test data.

  • High performance

    DATPROF Subset can easily subset terabytes of production data in small and usable data sets for test and development purposes.

  • Generate test data in 3 steps

    Create a DATPROF Subset template with ease

    DATPROF Subset realizes a first subset in an effective manner. In three simple steps you’ve developed an initial template in DATPROF Subset for your application. DATPROF Subset takes care of ensuring that your test cases become available!

    Our patented algorithm ensures consistent technical and functional test cases.

  • Interested in DATPROF competitive license model

    Check out the licensing options

    Do you want even more information about the possibilities of DATPROF Subset? Download our DATPROF Subset productsheet!

  • An unique combination

    DATPROF Subset & DATPROF Privacy

    1+1=3! Use DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Subset and you’ll receive the test data management solution! Create or generate a subset of test data and mask the test data in one flow!

Trusted by

  • The initial results of the implementation at Coöperatie VGZ seem to indicate that DATPROF saves over 70% storage use of the non production environments.
    Bert van de Broek Test Data Manager at VGZ
  • After a period of familiarization there is little need for the use of production data for development and testing. The tooling of DATPROF is characterized by its high usability and flexibility.
    Symon Bergsma Project Manager at De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

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