Data Subsetting

Modern software development requires representative test data that can be easily and fast made available. DATPROF Subset extracts specific selections out of production databases and makes it directly available within the test environment.


   Technical & functional consistent subsets

   High performance on large databases

   Consistent over multiple apps and databases

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The Power of Data Subsetting

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Working with data subsets is fast! Refresh test data sets more often and enable each team with their own test data.

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Save costs on hardware and infrastructure by using small subsets of production data for test and development.

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Less dependencies

Give each team their own test data to speed up their development by removing dependencies between teams.

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Multi database subsetting

Create subsets of your databases, containing only a portion of the records, while still being referentially intact over multiple databases such as CRM, ERP and finance systems.

Patented algorithm

Our patented algorithm detects foreign key cycles and bidirectionally filters data from parent-child relationships. This enables you to efficiently subset thousands of tables, resulting in quick and compact test data.

Automatic data model classification

The automatic classification functionality analyses the data model to determine how tables should be filtered. This assists you in quickly creating subsets of large and complex databases.

Preserve consistency

Extract and copy specific data selections that are referentially intact and functional consistent to ensure that all constraints are preserved and requirements are met.

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Enterprise databases often contain thousands of tables and terabytes of data. Using parallel processing the data is extracted and subsetted directly within the database, enabling you to subset millions of rows quickly.


Slice your database with custom start and additional filters to ensure the exact size of your database. Use column expression to modify data during subsetting. Add custom SQL and OSCALL scripts before, during and after the subset process.

Supporting the leading database technologies

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Automate Data Subsetting

Use the power of DATPROF Runtime to deploy and automate subsetted test data

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CI/CD Integration

Integrate the deployment of masked test data as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

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Schedule and automate the deployment of masking templates using the Runtime API.

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Central TDM

Manage and monitor the execution of all masking processes from one TDM portal.

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High Performance

Data is directly masked within the database using the advanced bypass system.

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Runtime can send you notifications about the status of your masking process.

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Get insight in all previous masking projects for better auditability

PeerSpot users give DATPROF an average rating of 8.6 out of 10.

“DATPROF helped improve our organization because as more of our development teams adopt the tool, we become faster at creating test data. The test data quality is also improving, resulting in us creating better products.”

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The right test data in the right place at the right time. Masked, generated, subsetted, virtualized and automated at the push of a button.