Data subsetting

Modern software development requires representative test data that can be easily and fast made available. DATPROF Subset extracts specific selections out of production databases and makes it directly available within the test environment.


  • Technical & functional consistent subsets
  • High performance on large databases
  • Consistent over multiple applications and databases
  • Fast to implement & easy to maintain

benefits of data subsetting

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Working with data subsets is fast! Refresh more often and enable each team with their own test data

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Reduce costs

Save costs on hardware and infrastructure by using small subsets of production data for test and development

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Less dependencies

Give each team their own test data to speed up their development by removing dependencies between teams

Data subsetting with DATPROF Subset


Build advanced subset templates for all your applications and databases with the easy to use data subsetting interface. Our patented algorithm makes sure you select the right data.


Use the built-in synchronization wizard to easily update and maintain your subset templates. With minimal effort you can update your subset templates even when your datamodels are changing.


Specify and filter precisely which data you want made available in your subset. Add extra filters, transform data with column expressions and add extra dependencies or custom foreign keys. 


Subset uses a smart classification system which enables users to select the right data for each table. The auto classify system and validation rules enable the creation of new subset selections. 


Visualize your data and process model and get insight in data dependencies. Classify your tables directly using the data model visualization.


Manage your functional and technical documentation together with your subset implementation. Generate a single HTML report based on the user written functional and technical descriptions. 

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Automate test data subsets

Use the power of DATPROF Runtime to deploy and automate subsetted test data

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CI/CD Integration

Integrate the deployment of masked test data as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

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Schedule and automate the deployment of masking templates using the Runtime API.

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Central TDM

Manage and monitor the execution of all masking processes from one TDM portal.

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High Performance

Data is directly masked within the database using the advanced bypass system.

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Runtime can send you notifications about the status of your masking process.

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Get insight in all previous masking projects for better auditability

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