Modernizing Test Data Management

Ensure compliance, save time and distribute test data effortlessly with DATPROF’s Test Data Management Platform. Try it yourself and see firsthand how you can effortlessly provision test data tailored to your specific needs.

DATPROF test data management platform

Proven successful

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What’s your biggest test data challenge?

Learn how to easily solve any of your test data challenges with the DATPROF test data platform.

Not compliant

It contains personally identifiable information so it doesn’t comply with privacy regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Time consuming

Requesting, provisioning and refreshing test data take too much time because of its size and the complexity of the process.

Too expensive

Creating and maintaining multiple test data environments for multiple quality assurance teams causes high storage and infrastructure costs.

Test data whenever you want, wherever you want

Test data is key for every software team. If you can’t manage your test data, eventually your team will slow down. From data masking and generation to subsetting and virtualization solutions, DATPROF delivers test data whenever and wherever testers and developers want.

Our TDM platform gets the job done

DATPROF enables software teams to ship their software faster with better quality.

High-quality masked data at Heineken

If we had 40,000 customers and 40,000 phone numbers and wanted to mask the phone numbers, we would write a query to change all the phone numbers to 123-456-7890. But that’s not scrambling, that’s just a mass change, and it was manual work. Now, the results we get do not look like masking because it’s real masking.

Synthetic test data at Dutch Railroads

DATPROF helped improve our organization because as more of our development teams adopt the tool, we become faster at creating test data. The test data quality is also improving, resulting in us creating better products. Overall, we gain time by speeding up the creation of test data and increasing the quality of our products. “

Data masking and generation at ABN AMRO Bank

“Its ease of use is valuable. It’s pretty straightforward. With minimal training or with minimal guidance, it can be used. We also like the features related to the integration and the usage over the web. We can also use our own customized scripts and conditions. These are the exciting features of the tool.”

You will benefit

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Central TDM

Manage and refresh test data across environments from one central location

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CI/CD Integration

Integrate and automate test data processes within your CI/CD pipeline to shorten time to market

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Reduce Cost

Save on network & infrastructure costs by working with less data in the test environment

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Self-Service Portal

Developers and tester can now create and request their test data using the self-service portal

datprof icon security

Security and Compliance

Secure test data, compliant with national and international laws such as GDPR

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Shorter Time-To-Market

Thanks to quality test data teams can test early and more reliable, so you can deliver high quality faster

Supporting the leading database technologies

TDM DB integrations DATPROF

Test Data Management Reinvented

"It is a very intelligent solution when it comes to identifying the dependencies and connections and it is easily scalable."

Manoranjan Mishra
Product Owner at Heineken

"Before DATPROF, we did not have the ability to scramble or mask in our non-SAP applications... Today we are confident that our customer's sensitive data is not in anybody else's hands."

Prakash Palani
Platform Architect at BCS

"Within the bank, we have a strategy called API First, and it was good to see that they have the possibilities to use APIs to mask data in bulk and generate data in bulk or in a few fieds."

Romil Kapadia
Product Owner at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

TDM Platform

The right test data in the right place at the right time. Masked, generated, subsetted, virtualized and automated at the push of a button.