Data Provisioning

Agile and DevOps teams require high-quality test data that can easily be distributed and provisioned, without dependencies on other teams or other time constraints. DATPROF Runtime is the test data management platform for provisioning, monitoring, and automating test data.


   Test data automation with extensive API

   Self-Service Portal for easy access control

   Monitor and refresh from one single portal

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The Power of Test Data Automation

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Central TDM

Manage and monitor the execution of test data environments from one TDM portal. Get notifications about and save audit logging from all runs.

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Save time

Use our extensive API to automate all processes in DATPROF Runtime to execute subsetting, masking, and generation processes of test data.

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No more waiting

Automate processes and make sure that subsetting and compliance projects get started instantly and automatically with triggers and API.

Test Data Automation

Centralized TDM

DATPROF Runtime is a web-based solution that enables users to manage, automate, and deploy test data. Make user accounts that can orchestrate their own runs, reducing the need for intervention from DBAs, and thus making the testing cycle more accessible, and faster.

Build once, deploy many

Execute and monitor simultaneously multiple test data processes from one single Test Data Provisioning Platform. Refresh all the downstream environments fully parallel at the same time, making sure that test data is refreshed in the right place at the right time.

Roles & Permissions

Runtime enables you to configure permissions for all your users. Break up business functions into roles, assign them to your users and modify access to environments, templates, and other Runtime functionality to make sure your tools are only accessible to the right people.


Via the self service portal users can login to their own environment. They can either start a new masking, generation or subsetting process or refresh their own data environment directly from one single web portal.

Self Service Portal
Scheduling the delivery of test data


Combine Runtime’s ability to provision test data with the option to execute proprietary software, use powerful PowerShell scripts, execute SQL scripts, send emails, alongside other modules. Use the drag and drop canvas style editor and easily connect different kinds of modules and link them to each other.

Automation with API

Integrate the provisioning of test data directly with test data automation in your CI/CD tools or other orchestration applications. Build your own interface on top of the Runtime REST-API.

Supporting the leading database technologies

TDM DB integrations DATPROF

Automated Provisioning of your Test Data

Use the power of DATPROF Runtime to deploy and automate non-production databases

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Data Subsetting

Provision subsets of production database to multiple teams, to your automated tests at the same time. Make sure that the right test case gets covered with DATPROF Subset.

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Data Masking

Audit and monitor the masking of privacy sensitive data and the data generation for non production purposes. Align your data with your test cases.

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Test Automation

Integrate test data into your automated test and make sure that your test automation tools gets to provided with high quality data with proper test execution.

PeerSpot users give DATPROF an average rating of
8.6 out of 10.

“The UI is excellent, and it’s one of the main selling points for us. It’s straightforward, so the threshold for use by our staff is relatively low, meaning all kinds of testers and developers can use this product very easily. “

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TDM Platform

The right test data in the right place at the right time. Masked, generated, subsetted, virtualized and automated at the push of a button.