Test Data Automation

Agile and DevOps teams require high quality test data that can easily be distributed and provisioned, without dependencies on other teams or other time constraints. DATPROF Runtime is the test data management platform for provisioning, monitoring and automating test data.


  • Test data automation with our extensive API in Runtime
  • Self Service Portal for easy access
  • Monitor test data from one single portal
  • Create subsets, mask data and generate synthetic data

benefits of test data Automation

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Central TDM

Manage and monitor the execution of test data environments from one TDM portal. Get notifications about and save audit logging from all runs.

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Save time

Use our extensive API to automate all processes in DATPROF Runtime to execute subsetting, masking and generation processes of test data.

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No more waiting

Automate processes and make sure that subsetting and compliancy projects get started instantly and automatically with triggers and API.

Test Data Automation


With the built-in trigger & event system, scenarios can be fully automated, e.g. provisioning of masked, generated and/or subsetted test data consistenly over multiple systems in just one click. Making sure that a test case is present consistently over systems.

Automation with API

Integrate the provisioning of test data directly with test data automation in your CI/CD tools or other self service applications. The API enables easy acces of your team to the test case and your own environment.

Self service

Via the self service portal users can login to their own environment. They can either start a new masking process or refresh their own data environment directly within DATPROF Runtime.

Test Data Administration

Execute and monitor your data subsetting, masking and generation processes from an one single web portal. Deploy and monitor test environments to multiple teams at the same time and get notificiations about these runs on your mobile or via mail.

Self Service Portal
Scheduling the delivery of test data

Scheduling test data

Schedule when the processes for the provisioning of test databases should be executed with DATPROF Runtime. Automate these TDM processes with your corporate scheduler or integrate it directly within your CI/CD tools.


Execute and monitor simultaneously multiple test data processes from one single Provisioning Platform. Refresh all the downstream environments fully parallel at the same time, making sure that test data is refreshed in the right place at the right time.

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Provisioning test data automation

Use the power of DATPROF Runtime to deploy and automate non-production databases

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Data Subsetting

Provision subsets of production database to multiple teams, to your automated tests at the same time. Make sure that the right test case gets covered with DATPROF Subset.

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Data Masking

Audit and monitor the masking of privacy sensitive data and the data generation for non production purposes. Align your data with your test cases.

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Test Automation

Integrate test data into your automated test and make sure that your test automation tools gets to provided with high quality data with proper test execution.

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Learn about how to automate

Read more about how to automate it in our solution page about these processes.

Learn about about continuous data

Understand how TDM can be integrated into your continuous testing efforts

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