Data masking and synthetic data generation

Modern software development requires realistic and representative test data. DATPROF Privacy masks your test data and generates synthetic data. Your customer data is protected, but software teams can still use representative test data.


  • Preserve data characteristics
  • High performance on large data sets
  • Consistent over multiple applications and databases
  • XML and CSV file support
  • Synthetic data generation

Benefits of data masking

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Protect privacy sensitive data

Protect your sensitive test data by masking or generating it and use it for development and testing.

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Be compliant to privacy laws

Mask privacy sensitive data and get compliant to regulations such as GDPR, PCI and HIPAA.

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Generate synthetic test data

Generate synthetic test data so you’re able to make test cases perfectly aligned with your tests!

Data masking with DATPROF Privacy

Build masking templates

Build advanced masking templates for all your applications and databases with the easy to use data masking interface. You can build a masking template within minutes.

Maintain templates easily

Use the built-in synchronization wizard to easily update and maintain your masking templates. With minimal effort you can update your masking templates even when your datamodels are changing.

Generate synthetic data

Use the built-in data generators to mask privacy-sensitive data and/or generate synthetic data from scratch. Use custom seed data for customization or add custom scripts to your masking templates.

Download audit report

Control the provisioning of masked privacy sensitive data with the automatically generated audit reports after each masking run. Share it directly with your CISO to exchange insights in the masking of privacy sensitive data.

Visualize the data and process model

Visualize your data and process model and get insight in data and process dependencies. You can easily identify which data is masked in the Entity Relation Diagram.

Generate single HTML report

Manage your functional and technical documentation together with your masking implementation. Generate a single HTML report based on the description and comments in your privacy templates and share it with others. 

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Test data automation

Use the power of DATPROF Runtime to deploy and automate masked test data

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CI/CD Integration

Integrate the deployment of masked test data as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

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Schedule and automate the deployment of masking templates using the Runtime API.

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Central TDM

Manage and monitor the execution of all masking processes from one TDM portal.

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High Performance

Data is directly masked within the database using the advanced bypass system.

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Runtime can send you notifications about the status of your masking process.

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Get insights in all previous masking projects for better auditability.

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