• Our data masking functionality

    Check out these inbuilt features

    • Shuffle columns, to reuse test data
    • Scramble or Blank your test data
    • Change dates, for example dates of birth
    • Generate synthetic test data like new SSN or Bank Accounts
    • Use our expression functionality for optimal flexibility

  • Comply to the new GDPR

    Depersonalize test and development environments (DTAP) and become compliant to the GDPR.

  • Prevent reputation damage

    Data leakage of personal and privacy sensitive data can be harmful for your reputation and therefore can cause financial damage.

  • High performance masking

    DATPROF Privacy is optimized to mask and scramble large databases with terabytes of data. Using the power of the database,

  • Keep relevant masked test cases

    Use intelligent data masking functionality to mask test data and keep test data as usable as production

  • Powerful masking functions

    Preserve the utility and usability of the masked data

    Preserving the same characteristics as the original data is extremely important to have predictable test results. Privacy offers smart and powerful scrambling functions that let you mask you’re data set and still use it for test and development purposes.

    Some data can be manipulated even more or replaced with test values and still keep their function.

  • Want to learn how to use DATPROF Privacy?

    Check out our free online introduction training!

    Do you want to learn how easy it is to mask your database with DATPROF Privacy. Try out our free online training and experience how easy it is to mask your database!

  • Interested in DATPROF competitive license model

    Check out the licensing options

    Do you want even more information about the possibilities of DATPROF Privacy? Download our DATPROF Privacy productsheet!

Trusted by

  • Test data management is the stepping stone to improve the speed and quality of software testing
    Erwin Allers Head of Testing at APG
  • DATPROF once again proved itself as a solution for the generation of reduced and anonymised test sets.
    Bert van de Broek Test Data Manager at VGZ
  • After a period of familiarization there is little need for the use of production data for development and testing. Thanks to the high usablity and flexibility of DATPROF.
    Symon Bergsma Project Manager at De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

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