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Test data management includes amongst others data subsetting and data masking or scrambling. If you only have a small databases and enough storage, subsetting may not be an issue, scrambling only could be enough. If you have no privacy sensitive data, but storage is a problem, you need subsetting, but no scrambling. If both storage and privacy are an issue, then a full test data management solution might be the best fit for you.

GDPR Compliancy Package

Data Masking

  • Yearly payment
  • Full service support (email, phone, dashboard)
  • Supporting SQL Server, Oracle, Postgress, DB2 and more
  • (GDPR) audit reports
  • Test data discovery, masking, synthetic and provisioning

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Test Data management solution

Test Data Management
(most popular)

  • Yearly payment
  • Full service support (email, phone, dashboard)
  • Supports Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and more
  • Perfect for complex environments
  • Perfect fit for large databases
  • Test data discovery, subsetting, masking, synthetic and provisioning

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Test Data Populating package

Data Subsetting

  • Yearly payment
  • Full service support (email, phone, dashboard)
  • Supports Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and more
  • Perfect for large databases
  • Test data discovery, subsetting, masking, synthetic and provisioning.

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A quote that fits your organization

If you want to know what it costs to use DATPROF software within your organization, please fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a customized quotation.

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DATPROF software


The costs of DATPROF Software are dependent on three elements:

  1. The number of DATPROF Developer Users (licenses)
  2. The database technology
  3. Your demands for performance
1. Developer licenses

With our Developer User licenses clients are able to develop and execute as many DATPROF Apps as needed. So with one Developer User license many stakeholders can be helped with useful test data. Our licenses are DATPROF Developer licenses and more Developers equals more licenses needed. With DATPROF Runtime you’re able to provision test data to the Software Developers and Software Quality Engineers. In DATPROF Runtime there are unlimited number of users. Most organizations appoint 2 to 5 DATPROF Developers or administrators to develop and maintenain the applications.

2. Database technology

We support different kind of technologies. But you don’t have to pay for technology you don’t use. So we’ll need to know if you use Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Postgress or EDB, or all of them.

3. Performance

The last part is how many DATPROF Apps you want to run simultaneously. Typically we see customers chose 1 upto 5 agents.

And now it is up to you! How do you want to organize test data management within your organization? Do you need multiple users or is one user enough? Eventually this depends on organizations and how you want to organize testdata. Just to make things clear, with a user version:

  1. You are able to create as many DATPROF Apps as wanted or needed;
  2. You are able to execute as many Apps as wanted.

The DATPROF TDM platform has several advantages compared to database suppliers and test automators, as you can see in the comparison table below.

DATPROF Database suppliers Test automators
Focus on test data management (TDM) 100% core business by-product by-product
Expected implementation effort average very high high
Maintenance effort low high high
Knowledge in the market widely available available unknown
Vendor Lock-IN no yes yes
License costs TDM only extra module extra module
English and Dutch support desk yes sometimes sometimes
TDM Roadmap innovative reactive no focus
In database solution yes yes no
Supported technologies Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and EDB good at own technology processing platform
Does data leave source (data breach) no no yes
GDPR audit reports yes no no
Automation refresh test data yes no unknown
Chain consistency of multiple technologies yes no processing platform

In the end

The savings for using DATPROF software can be huge, some examples of our clients savings are:

  • Less data storage needed (pay per Byte);
  • Savings on license costs (less cores needed);
  • Less idle time;
  • Batches are quickly executed instead of days.


Can you support data masking and synthetic test data?

With the help of DATPROF Privacy we’re able to mask data and we’re able to synthetically generate test data. We’ve got several built in masking rules in DATPROF Privacy and several synthetic test data generators or seed lists. So you’re able to generate new social security numbers, bank accounts or give new first names based upon for example seed lists.

Do you support messaging, like XML files?

We support several flat file types, for example Comma Separated Values (CSV), Fixed Length (FL), Recursive Fixed Length (RFL) and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

What database do you support?

We support several Database Technologies. We have native support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Postgress and EDB. If you want more information about the version check our docs.

What if I've got another database?

There are two options, one is you could export the data to a database we do support. Execute the masking or subsetting process and the import it back into the database. We’ve done this in several occasions and works out perfectly. The last option is ask us politely what the effort should be to develop your database technology.

Can we schedule or automate our runs?

Yes you can. With the help of our scheduler inside DATPROF Runtime you’re able to schedule all your runs. You could also use the API of DATPROF Runtime to make the test data runs part of your CI/CD pipeline if needed. With our API you’re able to automate nearly everything. For more information about the AP check out our docs.

Do you support End-to-End Test Data Management

Yes we do. This has always been one of our major efforts. We want to mask or subset test data over all your different systems. This is a necessity.

How reusable is the DATPROF Solution?

We wanted to make sure that you develop once and deploy multiple times. So every app you develop in DATPROF Privacy or DATPROF Subset, you only develop once. Afterwards you deploy these apps in DATPROF Runtime and you can execute them.

What about data model changes?

Data models change over time. So when these changes occur you need to adapt to these changes. With our synchronization wizard you’re able to easily adapt to new data models and within a few clicks you DATPROF apps is ready to go.

“DATPROF products are exemplars of user experience, ease of use and intuitive design: they are the easiest to use products we have seen in the Test Data Market”Bloor Research, Test Data Management, 23rd January 2018

Data Masking


Data Subsetting


Data Provisioning


Data Discovery