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The DATPROF solution consists of 3 individual products, all controllable via DATPROF Runtime. With DATPROF Privacy you are able to mask, anonymize or scramble data. DATPROF Subset makes it possible to subset your test data. Get insights in your data quality and find privacy sensitive data within complex applications with DATPROF Analyze.



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If you only have a small databases and enough storage, subsetting may not be an issue, discovery and masking only could be enough. If you have no privacy sensitive data, but storage is a problem, you need subsetting, but no scrambling. If both storage and privacy are an issue, then a full test data management solution might be the best fit for you. The costs of DATPROF software depend on three elements:

1. Developer licenses

With our Developer User licenses clients are able to develop and execute as many DATPROF Apps as needed. So with one Developer User license many stakeholders can be helped with useful test data. Our licenses are DATPROF Developer licenses and more Developers equals more licenses needed. With DATPROF Runtime you’re able to provision test data to the Software Developers and Software Quality Engineers. In DATPROF Runtime there are unlimited number of users. Most organizations appoint 2 to 5 DATPROF Developers or administrators to develop and maintenain the applications.

2. Database technology

We support different kind of technologies. But you don’t have to pay for technology you don’t use. So we’ll need to know if you use Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Postgress or EDB, or all of them.

3. Performance

The last part is how many DATPROF Apps you want to run simultaneously. Typically we see customers choose 1 up to 5 agents. And now it is up to you! How do you want to organize test data management within your organization? Do you need multiple users or is one user enough? Eventually this depends on organizations and how you want to organize testdata. Just to make things clear, with one user version:


  1. You are able to create as many DATPROF Apps as wanted or needed;
  2. You are able to execute as many Apps as you want.

“DATPROF products are exemplars of user experience, ease of use and intuitive design: they are the easiest to use products we have seen in the Test Data Market”Bloor Research, Test Data Management, 23rd January 2018

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