March 18, 2020

Release DATPROF Privacy 4.1

Including deterministic data masking

Due to Covid-19, all our people – including the development team – have been working from home since this week. However, this physical distance doesn’t keep us from working together as a team, maintaining our products and releasing new versions of our software. As of today new versions of DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Runtime are available for download.

Deterministic Data Masking

Keeping data consistent over multiple tables and databases is often challenging! Merging and copying translation tables requires extra scripts to mask personal data consistently. In Privacy 4.1 we’ve added  Deterministic Masking for seed-based generators. All synthetic data generators that use seed lists (for example; names, companies, streets, user-defined) have, besides a random mode, now also a deterministic mode.

In this mode each unique value will be replaced with a synthetic value. This mode works across tables and database types without worrying about translation tables. With the newly Global Salt variable in the deployment screen, users can change the output of all generators at once. This global salt can be used in multiple templates to enforce consistent masking across databases.

Masking MySQL / MariaDB

We’ve added full data masking support for MySQL & MariaDB. In Privacy 4.1 you can now create advanced masking templates and keep it consistent with templates for other database types as well. Templates can easily be generated for Runtime 3.21 which also supports managing and executing templates on MySQL / MariaDB databases.

New synthetic data generators

We’ve added new generators and languages in 4.1. Are you missing data or languages, let us know! We are happy to integrate them in a new release.

  • Last names (Spain / Sweden)
  • First names Male (Spain / Sweden)
  • First names Female (Spain / Sweden)
  • Colors
  • Color codes
  • Dinosaurs
  • Military Rank
  • Jobs / Professions
  • Genres

DATPROF Runtime 3.21

For the newest DATPROF Runtime (3.21) we added support for MySQL / MariaDB and support for Deterministic Data Masking Packages (DATPROF Privacy 4.1). As usual, we made some other fixes and improvements in both releases as well.

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