February 26, 2020

Press release: Consistent data masking in SAP and non-SAP

Consistent data masking in SAP and non-SAP

What would it mean to be able to mask test data consistently across combined SAP and non-SAP landscapes? EPI-USE Labs and DATPROF, both market-leading test data management solution providers, have connected their data masking solutions so their clients can do just this.

The test data management market is demanding effective privacy solutions. Being able to cover the entire chain consistently, both technically and functionally can be challenging. Many sectors, such as energy and retail, have mixed database technologies that require specific solutions. To avoid isolated ‘silo solutions’, a combination of solutions was needed. That is why EPI-USE Labs and DATPROF decided to combine their expertise, and connected EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager™(DSM) with DATPROF Privacy. This is an innovative solution that enables their clients to mask data consistently across multiple databases, both SAP and non-SAP, to ensure a consistent data-set throughout their landscapes.

“Working with DATPROF adds another dimension to our solution, but more importantly, it provides a simple way to solve a challenging problem for our clients. It complements and extends our test data management solution for SAP to also create, and mask, test data outside SAP in a flexible and repeatable way,” says Paul Hammersley, Senior Vice President for ALM Solutions at EPI-USE Labs.

“This solution brings huge benefits to our clients, especially those with mixed data technologies,” says Bert Nienhuis, Chief Product Officer at DATPROF. “And a logical next step on the roadmap is connecting the subset and slicing solutions for SAP and non-SAP. This reinforces the mission of both DATPROF and EPI-USE Labs: simplifying getting the right test data at the right time.”

About EPI-USE Labs

EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions and managed services company. We help our clients transform their SAP landscapes, and maximise the performance and security of their SAP® and SAP SuccessFactors systems.

With 950 clients across 48 countries, we are part of the groupelephant.com family. Our relentless focus on creating innovative, well-engineered new solutions, along with expertise developed over thirty-five years, helps our clients navigate small and large challenges successfully.



DATPROF is the test data management solution specialist. We help our clients with data masking, data generation and data subset solutions. Easy access to test data brings quality assurance for the testing community to the next level. Our effortless desire to build lightweight, effective and smart data solutions drives our innovation.

Founded in 2009 in the Netherlands, DATPROF is the domestic market leader in test data management. With a wide variety of clients in both public and private sectors she has a solid track record. DATPROF is independent and uses her global partner network to bring solutions to her clients.

DATPROF simplifies getting the right test data at the right moment.

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Data masking in SAP and non-SAP

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