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A solid test data management policy is crucial for developing an effective test automation strategy. Test automation is essential for reliable software testing and software output and requires valid high quality and available test data. A test data management (TDM) tool enables testing teams to create test data, guarantee the quality and availability of test data, and create production-like data for continued testing, which is also essential for compliance testing. Your TDM tool should ensure that your data adheres to internal and external data security regulations. Real users of DATPROF discuss on PeerSpot how switching over to DATPROF has enabled them to implement successful automated testing strategies while strictly adhering to data compliance regulations.

    DATPROF Use Cases

    1. Full regulation compliance and data security

    Once you use DATPROF, you will have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure. The tool comprehensively scans data and raises red flags when it detects compliance and security violations. Manoranjan M., a product owner at Heineken, says that switching to DATPROF helped his company eliminate data threats and protect their information. “One of the ways DATPROF has added value is that three years ago, before we had the solution, when an audit was done for non-SAP applications, there were always red flags. We, as a company, were not able to protect the data. The demand for doing so was there, but in big organizations you need the willingness as well. Once we found  DATPROF, the red flag issue was eliminated. Audit-wise, we are now compliant.”


    2. Reliable scrambling and masking

    Manoranjan also recalls that before using DATPROF, his previous solution did not provide proper data-masking and production-like data. He gives this example: “If we had 40,000 customers and 40,000 phone numbers and wanted to mask the phone numbers, we would write a query to change all the phone numbers to 123-456-7890. But that’s not scrambling, that’s just a mass change, and it was manual work. Now, the results we get do not look like masking because it’s real masking.”

    DATPROF is designed to protect sensitive and private information from both internal and external users. Prakash P. a platform architect – SAP at a manufacturing company, writes that DATPROF’s data scrambling and masking is a valuable feature: “Two or three years ago, before DATPROF, we did not have the ability to scramble or mask data in our non-SAP applications. Doing so was only a dream. Today we are confident that our customers’ sensitive data is not in anybody else’s hands.” He further states that “Production users, even developers, were usually able to see personally identifiable data in test environments because they have superuser access. But now we don’t have that situation anymore. Anybody who logs in to test data only sees scrambled data. They don’t see the real data.”


    3. Powerful and accurate testing

    A major advantage of the solution is the ability its users have to constantly work with high quality test data. Since DATPROF provides excellent data scrambling, users can  frequently refresh their data. Platform architect Prakash P. explains how DATPROF improves his organization’s data testing. He notes, “Overall, DATPROF has simplified our test data operations, absolutely. Before we had the ability to scramble, we did not copy our production data into our test system because we didn’t have any way to protect our data. Today, because we have a scrambling solution, we are able to do refreshes frequently, meaning production data comes into the test system very frequently. That makes it possible for the testers to do testing with the real production-like data. As a result, our testers are able to test efficiently and that helps us avoid production incidents.”

    4. Eliminate time-consuming manual workarounds

    By taking advantage of DATPROF’s powerful automation features, users are able to reduce the time spent on performing manual repetitive tasks, while lowering costs and preventing human error.

    Manoranjan M. describes how DATPROF’s automation increases the quality of his data management. He recalls that “Maybe we weren’t aware of everything that needed to be scrambled or masked. That is why we wanted an intelligent tool that could identify what the customer-name-related dependencies are and do the scrambling.“


    5. Integrate with your existing stack

    DATPROF’s flexibility and easy connections with third-party applications and databases are an added bonus for its users. Romil K. a product owner at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., is very satisfied with DATPROF’s integration options. He writes, “It covers all the platforms on which we want it to operate. DATPROF will be used across the bank and its subsidiaries. With its offerings, DATPROF covers all the related technology stacks or database stacks within the organization.” He also mentions that “The test data masking and test data generation part was one of the major use cases for which we tested the tool. Integration within CI/CD pipelines was another major use case.” He goes on to explain how user-friendly DATPROF is and how simple it is to perform integrations with the tool: “We also like the features related to the integration and the usage over the web. We can also use our own customized scripts and conditions. These are the exciting features of the tool.”

    6. Responsive support

    DATPROF receives high marks for the support they provide. Reviewers say that the support team is responsive and professional. Romil K. switched over to DATPROF from  DataMaker and writes in his review that DATPROF’s customer support is much better than that of DataMaker’s. He notes, “With DATPROF, even though we are just in the sales phase, I already see tremendous improvement.” He says of the agents that he works with, “Gerard and Michael are just a call away, and they are willing to extend themselves to provide us with the right support.”


    Users who started using DATPROF as their TDM tool are very satisfied with its automation capabilities as well as the testing data that the solution generates. Reviewers are also happy knowing that their organization is properly following regulations and that their information is secure from both internal and external threats. Excellent customer support is yet another reason to consider switching to DATPROF.

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