Masking & generation, integrated into CI/CD

Case study of ABN AMRO Bank, one of the largest Dutch banks

This case study shows how our software helps ABN AMRO Bank securing their privacy-sensitive test data with the help of masking and generation.



ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the third-largest Dutch bank, with headquarters in Amsterdam. It was initially formed in 1991 by merger of the two prior Dutch banks that form its name, Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and Amsterdamsche en Rotterdamsche Bank (AMRO Bank).

ABN AMRO Bank has offices in 15 countries with 32,000 employees, most of whom are based in the Netherlands with only 5,000 in other countries.

Primary use case


“There were two major use cases. The test data masking and test data generation part was one of the major use cases for which we tested the tool. Integration within CI/CD pipelines was another major use case.”

How DATPROF helped

“We haven’t yet implemented the solution. So, at this time, the benefits are none, but the benefits that are foreseeable in the next two years would be enormous. It would simplify our test data operations. Currently, there are no end results as such with respect to our users, but we see the potential, and that’s why we are happy to proceed with it. It would be the most important part of testing within the organization. The capabilities that DATPROF provides will be more and more integrated into the day-to-day testing activities
of business users or DevOps teams.”


“Its ease of use is valuable. It’s pretty straightforward. With minimal training or with minimal guidance, it can be used. We also like the features related to the integration and the usage over the web. We can also use our own customized scripts and conditions. These are the exciting features of the tool.

Within the bank, we have a strategy called API First, and it was good to see that they have the
possibilities to use APIs to mask data in bulk and generate data in bulk or in a few fields.”

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