Test data for mixed technologies

Case study of Heineken, one of the largest beer producers worldwide

Case study

This case study shows how our software has helped a Heineken with test data for mixed technologies, in the right place at the right time.

heineken datprof case study


Heineken N.V.

Heineken N.V. is an Amsterdam-based Dutch brewing company. Heineken is one of the largest beer producers worldwide.

Heineken International owns a worldwide portfolio of over 300 beer brands, selling beer in 190 countries. The organization has more than 85.000 employees.


Mixed technological landscape

Applications in different countries

Replacing existing solution

Just like other organizations, many different applications are in place using a variety of database technologies. Heineken has a landscape containing both SAP and multiple non-SAP sources including Oracle based J.D. Edwards and Microsoft SQL server based Heilite. These applications exist in several different countries all containing privacy sensitive data.

She had a virtualization test data ‘solution’ in place not fully delivering on its promise with high annual expenses. Besides avoiding ongoing costs there was a desire to improve the refresh speed and to mask consistently over the chain.


Configure DATPROF Privacy templates

Today Heineken uses DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF Runtime for her J.D. Edwards system in 7 different countries and has followed a similar approach for Heilite.

Heineken had the DATPROF engineers standing by during her first global refresh. For all the systems in scope the masking, in this case a combination of anonymization and synthetic data generation, executed flawlessly with no support needed.

This is a typical example of the strength of this solution: is delivers chain consistent masking  for mixed technologies.


Ease of use

Low licenses costs

Chain consistent


Moving away from her expensive data virtualization solution did more than just cost saving alone. It makes a test data set refresh reliable, lightweight and easy to execute for her non-SAP sources. Work floor practicality has triumphed over boardroom PowerPoints.

An additional advantage is the easy maintenance. The Heineken team is able to execute a refresh herself removing the need for expensive consultancy.

DATPROF’s integrations are the ‘cherry on the pie’. With EPI-USE Labs’ SAP test data management solution Data Sync Manager consistent masking is possible. Symphony4SAP’s orchestration suite makes a full automation for a refresh possible using the DATPROF API.

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