Consistent anonymous test data across the chain

Case study of a life and funeral insurer

This case study shows how our software has helped a life and funeral insurer with masking test data consistently across the chain.


Leader in the funeral insurance

This client of ours is a cooperative life insurer. In addition to insuring savings, funeral services and death risks, the organization also provides the actual funeral service in the event of death. In 2017, they insured millions of people. This client is one of the market leaders in funerary services in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Meet GDPR in the field of test data

Due to the broad attention given to the GDPR / AVG, the use of production data for testing and developing software systems was placed under a magnifying glass. The need for anonymous test data also grew within the client’s test profession. The greatest challenge for them was consistently anonymizing personal data across a chain of more than 100 applications. Personal data is held in various systems. The consistency of data across these systems is crucial for testing. In the past the client has made a number of attempts independently without software tools. This did not lead to a structural solution at the time.


Consistent anonymization of test data
across the chain

After an extensive selection process with different software suppliers, DATPROF was chosen as the solution for anonymizing test data across a chain of applications. “The user convenience, the flexibility and the ability to independently implement and maintain the DATPROF software was decisive”, said the Test Data Management Specialist. The Solution Engineer adds: “The learning curve of the software is very easy and transferable. The power of the phased anonymization steps and being able to intervene yourself makes it very useful in complex situations.” The client’s landscape consists of various applications including standard packages such as Microsoft Dynamics, COR – MSG-Life, but also custom systems.
All these personal data are consistently anonymized. Files supplied by third parties are also made anonymous, so that they can be read into anonymous systems. The entire anonymization process is performed in Azure. After this process these machines are switched off again. The client considers the collaboration with DATPROF to be very pleasant: “We often received real answers to our questions within one day and DATPROF also did research if necessary.” The first results were achieved within a month.


Meet the requirements of the GDPR and improve the quality of tests

Our client fulfills the requirements of the GDPR / AVG by realizing end-to-end consistent anonymous test data. In addition, anonymization has led to much more awareness and insight. Carefully considering what test data must meet and for which test cases it is used has also led to quality improvement.
The synchronization module helps to timely recognize changes in data models made by the different teams. As a result, maintenance of the anonymization solution is minimal.

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