Data masking for Oracle

Data masking tool for Oracle Want to see the fastest and easiest to use data masking tool for Oracle? Anonymized test data Modern software development requires realistic and representative test data. DATPROF Privacy masks production data so all of your customer data...

The utility and necessity of data masking

The utility and necessity of data masking Download the free white paper   As of May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in effect. This means that, from that date on forward, the same strict privacy laws apply throughout the European...

Test data and agile software development

Control your storage and test data Decrease your data storage and get in control We all strive to shorten the time-to-market of our software. With this goal in mind we start to automate tests, develop in agile and/or scrum teams, start with Continuous Delivery and so...

Test data masking

Test data masking Protect privacy sensitive data in non-production databases, comply with leglislation and prevent data leaks in QA environments Nowadays, more and more organizations use dozens of databases and applications for their processes. It´s common to copy...

Data governance

Data Governance Control your data from start to finish, from strategic to operational usage Although many data governance projects start with data quality issues, the drivers for data governance are in most cases: regulations. The comply to new regulations,...

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