Test Data Management Report

We have researched the state of test data management in organizations around the world. The results have been compiled in the report “Test Data Management – State of the Art”. Download the report for free.

Test Data Management Report

Test Data Management

State of the Art

Being able to align the test data to the test and business requirements is a powerful step forward. But this test data does not appear out of the blue. It needs to be prepared and managed properly before it can be used for testing purposes. Provisioning and managing test data is the combination of various techniques
such as data masking, data subsetting and data generation. These techniques should all be encompassed by a robust deployment strategy. This report explores both the challenges and accomplishments faced and accomplished by a broad range of organizations in establishing their test data


  • Preface
  • Key findings
  • About the survey
  • Quality and coverage
  • Test data management
  • Development environments
  • Compliance
  • Conclusion

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TDM research report

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