The Maturity of Your Test Data Provisioning Strategy

In the world of software development and testing, the efficient and secure provision of test data plays a vital role. Traditional methods of test data provisioning, such as data backups or full-size copying production data, often come with their own set of limitations and challenges. These include delays in obtaining the required data, high costs associated with storing and managing large datasets, concerns about data privacy and confidentiality, and potential regulatory risks. To overcome these challenges, organizations are increasingly turning to alternative techniques for test data provisioning.

This paper emphasizes the need for improved test data provisioning solutions. By ranking the most important aspects of test data provisioning, this paper explores the maturity of (a combination of) various techniques, including data subsetting, database
virtualization, and data anonymization.

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This document describes the following:


  • The restore from backup strategy
  • Data subsetting
  • Database virtualization
  • Data anonymization
  • The maturity of your test data provisioning
  • Data subsetting & Database virtualization

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