Solution consulting

A solution suited for your needs

Keeping the business Outcome in focus

Test data management is a serious obstacle for many organizations. The ability to create a solution will be limited unless you can clearly imagine what’s possible. The quality of your software and applications depends on a good test data infrastructure. Our solution consultants help you define how test data can be developed and integrated with your existing system to create a solution best suited for your needs.

Requirement analysis

A clear understanding of the Business Requirements is essential for implementing any change or transformation. It not only helps in analyzing, streamlining and defining the end result, but also mitigates future complications.

Our team of experts doesn’t stop at drafting a document; the key priority is to understand your expectations and align them with technical specifications. We help you define all the functional and non-functional requirements to ensure a seamless implementation of your solution.

Solution design

Bridge the gap between strategy and effective execution to deliver desired results. Provide your team with the required guidance, context and enable the behaviors that will help you realize the true potential of your vision. We organize Blueprinting Workshops to better understand your requirements and draft the way forward which serves as the foundation for execution and provides a clear guide for leadership team, managers and operational team.

Implementation Plan and Pricing

We provide you a detailed plan of the project execution including implementation timelines, technical prerequisites, and cost breakup and business considerations at this stage itself. Our experts work with you to formulate a plan best suited for your requirements aimed at minimizing downtime and operational expenses and improving time-to-market.

You only need to pay for the services you avail. We deliver excellence by charting detailed project plans in advance and following through to execution.

Change management

Market transparency, labour mobility, global capital flows, and instantaneous communications has forced companies to adapt a culture that keeps moving all the time. However, managing this change requires an intimate understanding of business strategy and its human implications. We help you balance the two, so that navigating your transformation journey can become easier and faster.

As your organization gears up for embarking on its DATPROF journey, we help you ensure that the changes are implemented effectively across all layers.

Our rigorous dedication to continuous improvement methodologies streamlines work and eliminates wasted efforts. Stay a step ahead of the changing marketplace. Equip your organization with the knowledge and capabilities to adapt and grow in the fast-paced digital world.


  • Identify the key drivers for change.
  • Plan the change requirements and process.
  • Implement and communicate change across the organization. 

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