Data Governance

Control your data from start to finish, from strategic to operational usage

Although many data governance projects start with data quality issues, the drivers for data governance are in most cases: regulations. The comply to new regulations, organisations need to control their data. Controlling the data means improving data quality, knowledge of data leaks and mask data when needed.

Data Governance helps organisations to reach several important goals:

  • Increasing confidence in decsionmaking based on data
  • Data needs to become secur
  • Control data by metadata
  • show data issues from strategic, tactic and operational levels

With DATPROF integrate we support companies with realizing important goals for data governance.


Create a central repository from one or more sources. Datawarehouses are used for creating data analysis, such as trending reports for management.

Datawarehousing arise with uploading data from several (operational) source to a central repository. For daily, monthly management reports the use of a datawarehouse is very effective. There is one environment to answer these questions.

The use of datawarehouses create many benefits such as:

  • Integrating data from multiple sources to enable a central enterprise view
  • Improve data quality
  • Creates added values to your customer relationship management system
  • Consitently with information reports.

The ETL process of Datawarehouses are supported in DATPROF Integrate.

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