Test Data Management

A major improvement in test data availability

Many organizations still use copies of production for testing. This has implications for the size of their data sets; when production data grows in volume any test data sets derived from it will grow along with it. To get control over your non-production databases you'll need test data management. You'll want to reduce the size of your data sets and masks sensitive data in your test environments.

DATPROF Test Data Management
Major advantages of test data management include:

  • Decrease the size of a non-production database to as little as 5% of a full production database
  • Become complaint with rules and regulations
  • Support your agile teams with manageable and useful data sets
  • Supply your test automation tools with production-like data

If you want to create useful data sets you’ll need to identify data relevant to your specific test cases. Organisations often have similar test cases and DATPROF software is geared toward generating test data sets which support these test cases.

DATPROF Subset enables you to generate data sets which contain only relevant data. By classifying unnecessary data as such and using selection criteria on relevant tables you can create a data set which is both small and relevant to your test case.

Use DATPROF Privacy to then blank, scramble, shuffle or otherwise anonymize this data set while retaining its production-like quality. Supply the resulting test data set to developers and testers alike without the risk of painful or otherwise embarrasing data leaks.

For more information you can visit the product pages of DATPROF Subset and DATPROF Privacy.

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