Exclusive webinar Scandinavia

Solving the test data bottleneck in continuous testing

On the 23rd of April, 2020, an exclusive seminar would take place in Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, we had to cancel the event. However, since we already set the date, why not organize a webinar instead for the entire Scandinavian region?!

Date & Time

April 23, 2020
15:00 – 16:00 (CET)


Maarten Urbach
Gerry Leith

About the webinar

Nowadays we want a faster delivery and a better quality of software in an even more complex world than 5 years ago. With trends like DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Test Automation and continuous testing we strive to create such a world. But still we aren’t able to control everything… yet. We still haven’t gotten in control of our test data!

No control means we don’t know if a bug or fault is related to the data or the code. So how can we build an application? But Imagine if we are in control of the test data. What impact would this have? This would be enormous. You are finally able to control the build pipeline, the test reports show real software quality bugs or improvements.

During this free webinar we show you what happens when you are in control of your test data! How you get control of your test data and how you are able to automate it.

Exclusive webinar Scandinavia

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About the speaker

Maarten Urbach has been working in the test data management area for over a decade. He has helped teams with solving the test data management bottleneck for improving the software quality at large organizations. From insurance companies to governmental institutions, Maarten has experienced many complex IT landscapes.

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