Synthetic test data generation from scratch

At the end of June 2021, DATPROF will launch the brand new synthetic data generation functionality in DATPROF Privacy. During this webinar Bert Nienhuis, the Chief Product Officer of DATPROF, will share a introduction to this new functionality with a presentation and he’s going to display a demonstration.

Date & Time

Tuesday 29 June 2021
15:00 – 15:45 CEST


Bert Nienhuis

Synthetic data generation is already a known concept for DATPROF Privacy users, however with this addition it’s now also possible to fill an empty database with synthetic data. So, now the complete package of DATPROF Privacy does not only consist of generating test data to replace existing data and of course masking data, but generating synthetic test data from scratch is now also possible.

Webinar takeaways


Why and how you should use synthetic data

How to generate synthetic data

How to fill an empty database with synthetic data

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About the speaker

Bert Nienhuis has been working on test data management solutions for over 14 years. He is the driver and inventor of DATPROF's software solutions in their current form. By looking at what is going on with customers, he comes up with smart solutions for every test data problem.

TDM Platform

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