Building a sustainable Test Data Architecture

How do you create a test data architecture that works for your organization?

Date & Time

Thursday 17 September 2020
15:00 – 15:45 CEST
09:00 – 09:45 EDT


Maarten Urbach

We engage with many organizations, from corporates that still develop in a more or less waterfall methodology to corporates that have embraced CI/CD. This will impact the need for test data. This webinar will help in developing a test data architecture that fits the needs of your organization.

During this 45 minute free webinar you’ll discover: 

  • How the right test data architecture can help your testing efforts
  • How to create a test data architecture that works for your organization

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About the presenter

Maarten Urbach has spent over a decade helping customers enhance test data management. His work focuses on modernizing practices in staging and lower level environments, significantly improving software efficiency and quality. Maarten's expertise has empowered a range of clients, from large insurance firms to government agencies, driving IT innovation with advanced test data management solutions.

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