January 12, 2021

Press release: Heineken anonymizes test data with DATPROF software

Heineken has adopted DATPROF Test Data Management Suite as a solution for its test data challenges. Thanks to this solution, Heineken can now consistently anonymize its test data across a range of applications, spread over seven different countries. In addition, test teams can now easily refresh their own data set on demand.

For many organizations it remains a major challenge to anonymize (or mask) test data across complete system environments, both technically and functionally. At Heineken, where there is a mix of database technologies, there was a risk of so-called “silo solutions”. The advantage of consistent anonymization techniques (whether or not with the help of synthetic test data) proved advantageous: this way, tests with anonymous yet “recognizable” data can be performed throughout the business stream with one and the same test case. By enabling test teams to carry out their own refreshes in end-to-end tests, expensive consultancy is unnecessary and significant time is saved.

In partnership with EPI-USE Labs it became possible to anonymize data – both technically and functionally – in SAP systems in the same manner as in all their non-SAP systems. “The DATPROF integration is the icing on the cake. Together with Data Sync Manager™(DSM), the test data management solution from EPI-USE Labs, consistent masking across different technologies is possible. Combined with Symphony4SAP’s Orchestration Suite it is possible to fully automate a refresh using the DATPROF API,” says Bert Nienhuis, Chief Product Officer at DATPROF.


Software specialist DATPROF was founded in 2009 and exclusively focuses upon the provision of test data management solutions. With a broad range of clients in both the public and private sector, DATPROF has an extensive track record in delivering a comprehensive software suite consisting of sensitive data discovery and remediation as well as delivering referentially intact subsets for use in the test, development and QA processes. DATPROF is independent and uses its global partner network to bring these solutions to its customers around the world. DATPROF simplifies getting the right test data in the right place at the right time.

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