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What is data masking in PostgreSQL

Data masking or data obfuscation is an important aspect of PostgreSQL test data management (TDM). Anonymizing sensitive data is essential for data protection inside your PostgreSQL databases. You can’t use personally identifiable information (PII) in your CI/CD pipeline, so you need to make sure this data is hidden. With the help of a data discovery tool you can trace the tables, columns or rows that contain sensitive data. This way you know which data you should mask and secure. Security is one of the most important aspects in software development, so you can’t ignore it anymore.


Data masking tools PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL databases come with an extension to hide or replace personal details. But this is a manual, command based – so time consuming – job. When you only have a few rows of data then it will certainly suffice. But when your data models are more complex, you need a proper data masking tool. DATPROF Privacy supports all major relational (sql) databases natively, including PostgreSQL, and it can be used to mask consistently over a chain of databases/applications. This makes it a reliable PostgreSQL database masking tool.

With DATPROF Privacy anonymizing data, scrambling privacy sensitive data and/or generating (synthetic) test data for PostgreSQL instances is easy. It may be even the most user-friendly data masking tool there is for PostgreSQL users. With the help of this tool you easily create an environment or application with realistic data with the right relationships, data characteristics and formats but with obfuscated values based on the original data.


How to do data masking in PostgreSQL

With a data masking tool for PostgreSQL you are able to define masking rules on (or apply synthetic data rules for) tables and columns that contain PII data. The predefined rules help you with creating a masking template which you can execute at the click of a button (or automated in your PostgreSQL CI/CD Pipeline with our TDM portal DATPROF Runtime). Replacing sensitive information like social security number, IBAN and other production data with random numbers, generated values or any other masking rule is child’s play.


PostgreSQL data masking example

In our technical product demonstration you can watch PostgreSQL data masking tutorial. Several data masking and generation techniques in PostgreSQL are shown with the help of DATPROF Privacy. If you want to see the secure masked data as a result in your own database, download your 14 day free trial below!

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