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The fact that you need a test data management tool is probably the reason you are on this comparison page. Every software vendor has its pros and cons and it is important to evaluate them. Only then can you make a well-informed decision. That is why we created this comparison page.

DATPROF focuses on solutions for testers and developers. We build our products to give these people the right, secure test data whenever and wherever they need it, so they can innovate faster and ship their products with greater quality. Delphix has a similar mission. But what are the differences and how do you choose the right TDM tool?

Top reasons why companies use DATPROF vs Delphix


DATPROF has only one purpose: simplified test data. To achieve this with our tool you only need to do two things: 1) Create subsets to save time and money and 2) Mask (or generate synthetic) test data to be compliant. The order of these two steps is up to the customer. With the DATPROF Runtime portal your test teams can login and self refresh their own test data. That’s it!

Delphix offers another “solution”: data virtualization. We believe this solution currently does not really simplify test data. A lot of time is still lost finding and preparing test data and refreshing the data in VDBs. Beside, the teams that start working on the VDB will query the server. The amount and severity of these processes (depending on the amount of QA (teams)) will generate particularly high network traffic, with all possible costs.

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With data virtualization you may have decreased you storage costs, but you are still using copies of production. With DATPROF you can actually use less data which not only decreases the storage costs, but also improve the speed and quality of your development teams. You can also automate more tests with fit for purpose test data.

In short, we believe that subsetting and masking your test data is the easiest, fastest and cheapest solution for simplifying test data.

Ease of use

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is the next step after agile to speed up your IT development process. Part of this process is testing, and for this you need the right test data at the right time. That’s why many organizations use a test data management tool. But you won’t achieve a CI/CD pipeline with unhandy and complicated tools, right?

In 2017, Bloor already stated that the “ease of use and user experience are exceptional, and a cut above competing products in the space”. Now, 2 years later, DATPROF still ranks number 1 in the field of user-friendliness (Bloor 2019). 

Integration and database support

DATPROF integrates with commonly used tools like Parasoft, Salesforce, Jenkins and Tosca. With respect to database support, one of the many advantages of DATPROF compared to Delphix is dat DATPROF supports DB2 Mainframe. We support the main databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 iSeries, DB2 LUW. Many other database technologies can be supported as well. 

Scalable management

To ensure ease of use and cost containment, you’ll need scalable Test Data Management. With the use of DATPROF Runtime, a central management tool, you have a unified view into all DATPROF applications. This results in a simple and consistent management process, regardless the size of your environment(s).

Delphix uses only one application. That means that when your environment grows, you’ll need more instances. Each instance is managed seperately and independently. So growing environments ensures a growing management burden, more complexity, cost and failure risk.

Cost & ROI

DATPROF typically sells licenses which result in significant savings because you only pay for the software once and then just maintenance thereafter. Delphix, in contrast, licenses their solutions on a per TB annual subscription basis. That means that you’re required to pay every single year. This makes it hard for the tool to pay for itself quickly.

Delphix was super expensive. That is exactly the reason we didn’t want to continue with Delphix. We saved a substantial amount by going with DATPROF.”

Source: PeerSpot

Manoranjan Mishra

Product Owner, Heineken

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“7 tips for choosing the right TDM tool”

The fact that you are looking for a TDM solution is great in itself. High quality test data management can help you save a lot of time and money. However, it can be difficult to choose the right tool.

Here is a comparison paper with 7 tips for choosing the right test data tool to help you make the right decision.

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DATPROFDatabase suppliersTest automators
Focus on test data management (TDM)100% core businessby-productby-product
Expected implementation effortaveragevery highhigh
Maintenance effortlowhighhigh
Knowledge in the marketwidely availableavailableunknown
Vendor Lock-INnoyesyes
License costsTDM onlyextra moduleextra module
TDM Roadmapinnovativereactiveno focus
In database solutionyesyesno
Supported technologiesOracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and EDBgood at own technologyprocessing platform
Does data leave source (data breach)nonoyes
GDPR audit reportsyesnono
Automation refresh test datayesnounknown
Chain consistency of multiple technologiesyesnoprocessing platform


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