Why go with DATPROF vs IBM

The fact that you need a test data management tool is probably the reason you are on this comparison page. Every software vendor has it’s pros and cons and it is important to evaluate them. Only then you can make a well-informed decision. That is why we created this comparison page.

DATPROF focuses on solutions for testers and developers. We build our products to give these people the right, secure test data whenever they need it, so they can innovate faster and ship their products with more quality. IBM has a similar mission. But what are the differences and how do you choose the right TDM tool?

Top reasons why companies use DATPROF vs IBM

Reason #1

Ease of use

In 2017, Bloor already stated that the “ease of use and user experience are exeptional, and a cut above competing products in the space.” Now, 2 years later, DATPROF still ranks number 1 in the field of user-friendliness. Far above IBM, that’s in 10th and last place (Bloor, 2019).

Reason #2


DATPROF offers solutions for simplifying Test Data Management and it focuses fully on these tools:
1) Data Discovery with DATPROF Analyze;
2) Data Subsetting with DATPROF Subset;
3) Data Masking with DATPROF Privacy;
4) Data Provisioning with DATPROF Runtime.

IBM has much broader product portfolios that encompass TDM but also offer a range of other capabilities. For them, Test Data Management is just a small part, a breadcrumb that gets significantly less focus.

Reason #3


IBM’s solutions are based on disparate products which, although integrated, do not necessarily share a common user experience. Conversely, DATPROF’s products (DATPROF Analyze, DATPROF Privacy and DATPROF subset) are components of a single whole, powered by DATPROF Runtime.

Reason #4

Licensing & pricing

DATPROF’s license model and pricing is based on which modules and technology you are using. Vendors like IBM base their pricing on how many gigabytes you store. Your storage footprint will probably grow and the license costs will growth with it. With DATPROF your license costs will stay the same, even if your production data is growing.

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“7 tips for choosing the right TDM tool”

The fact that you are looking for a TDM solution is great in itself. High quality test data management can help you save a lot of time and money. However, it can be difficult to choose the right tool.

Here is a comparison paper with 7 tips for choosing the right test data tool to help you make the right decision.

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What Our customers say

Within a couple of small steps we are now able to (refresh) mask and subset test data consistently over multiple systems with DATPROF!
Bert van de Broek<br />

Test Specialist, VGZ

We finally got the test data in control with DATPROF technology. This made a huge impact on our software quality process and in the delivery of the test data to our DevOps teams.
Erwin Allers

Head of Testing, APG

The ease of use, the flexibility and possibilities to implement and maintain the software ourselves was decisive to choose DATPROF as Test Data software vendor.
Mario van Os

Test Data Management Specialist, Dela


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“DATPROF products are exemplars of user experience, ease of use and intuitive design: they are the easiest to use products we have seen in the Test Data Market”

Bloor Research, Test Data Management, 23rd January 2018

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