Webinar consistent data masking in SAP and non-SAP​

Most organisations have an IT landscape with a variety of software and database technologies to support their business. This complexity can become a challenge when you need to create consistent, masked test data across the landscape. EPI-USE Labs and DATPROF have formed a partnership to provide organisations with a simple solution to consistently mask data both inside and outside SAP.

  • Understand the capabilities of the DATPROF solution across non-SAP systems
  • See how EPI-USE Labs has captured and mastered the SAP data model for creating and masking test systems and data.
  • See EPI-USE Labs and DATPROF solutions in action masking an example data set across an SAP and non-SAP system.
Consistent Data Masking In SAP And NON-SAP

Date & Time
March 10, 2020
15:00 – 15:30 (CET)

Paul Hammersley & Michael de Boer

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