• Versatile data extraction toolkit

    Extract your data with only a couple of clicks

    • Easy to use graphical & command line interface
    • Support Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL & DB2
    • On the fly compression
    • Extract binary data to ZIP
    • Extract tables, views or query output

  • Easy & lightweight extraction

    Extract your data into a flat file in a couple of clicks with the easy to use interface or swith to the command line interface to schedule it into your process.

  • Integration and scheduling

    Use the commandline version of DATPROF Extract to integrate and schedule the extraction in other data processes.

  • Different output formats

    DATPROF Extract is extremely configurable. You have complete control over how your output file is composed.

  • Windows and Unix

    DATPROF Extract is a cross-platform tool. You can use it on your Windows desktop or on a Unix server.

  • Configurable data extraction tool

    Easy unloading data from your database to flat file

    DATPROF Extract is a lightweight and easy to use data extraction tool.

    With a couple of clicks you can extract data from different platforms to CSV, ASCII and even zip files.

    With the command line version you can integrate the extraction into other processes or schedule the data extraction.

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